Essential oils gentle

enough for children and youth

when diluted properly

We get asked a lot if essential oils are safe for children. The answer is yes and no. When correctly diluted essential oils can be a safe all-natural approach to helping your child live their best life. Although not all essential oils are safe even if they are diluted properly. We have put together some of our favorite Children Safe oils for children 2-10 years of age when diluted effectively. We recommend anyone dilute or use a carrier oil when applying oils topically, but you must always dilute when using 100% pure essential oils on children because the oils are so concentrated, and their bodies need much less than an adult.


For more information on the best application of these oils visit the bottom of this page.


gentle, calming and reassuring, immune support, colic, sleep-aid.

Roman Chamomile

like lavender but tends to work deeper emotionally, soothing for body and mind, sleep aid, immune support, insect bites, digestive trauma and upset, anger.


a universal oil in application or in other words a whole-body support oil, apply to the bottom of feet to support, brain, digestive, lung, circulatory and liver function.

Pure Repair

it comes pre-diluted with Lavender, Geranium and Tea Tree, but with children dilute even more for use on minor wounds, scratches, and cuts to promote wound repair.

Tea Tree

antimicrobial, cleansing, immune support, respiratory function, and ear discomfort


the gentlest of the citrus Mandarin is calming and strengthening to the body, a refreshing scent and can be used daily to support proper immune and lymphatic function.


great for children who struggle with confidence. Bergamot helps us to be okay with who we are and gently encourages us to be who we were meant to be.

Cedarwood Atlas

calming to the mind and central nervous system, apply to the forehead and bottom of the feet to promote proper GABA function which allows for improved focus and stillness



gentle, yet strong immune booster, apply to lower abdomen of children who tend to wet the bed, calming to bodies who seem to be on nervous edge


a universal oil like Copaiba, but helpful for children or individuals who may feel broken emotionally. Frankincense connects us to our divine nature as children of God.

Juniper Berry

calming and especially helpful for children who tend to have nightmares or night terrors. Just apply 1-2 drops to the bottom of the feet at bedtime.