Essential oils for improved

digestion and detoxification

Here are some of our top picks to help support the digestive system. Also called the second brain our digestive system determines much of our mental function. When it is functioning correctly, we are functioning well. When this system is struggling it can affect our whole lives. Each oil has specific benefits but goes about it in a different way due to their chemical makeup.


For more information on the best application of these oils visit the bottom of this page.


Mandarin (a gentle digestive aid and liver decongestant), Rosemary (known for its strengthening and tonic qualities, defends against an increase of fat in the liver), Geranium (liver detoxifier, supports proper bile function, and supportive of tissue health) and Helichrysum (supports gentle liver detoxification, aids feelings of discomfort associated with the liver, restorative).


calming for indigestion and gently aids peristaltic movement helping feelings of constipation and diarrhea, aids IBS symptoms

Peppermint – calms irritation, antispasmodic, helpful for those who may experience symptoms of IBS and IBD when applied topically, anti-nausea


supports proper intestinal movement, anti-nausea, helpful like Peppermint, but through a warming action

Sweet Fennel – helpful for leaky gut challenges and symptoms of indigestion


tonic for the digestive system and specifically for the liver, helps to manage proper mucus levels in the body, aids in maintaining an alkaline environment.

Black Pepper

similar to Ginger in function, but not as strong in scent, very warming and helpful to both digestive and brain function, antioxidant


stimulating to the digestive system, tonic for the liver, antioxidant, antimicrobial, cooling


helpful in detoxification of the liver and restorative

Juniper Berry

detoxifier, helpful in food poisoning and cleansing to the liver, lymphatic decongestant


calming when diluted, helpful with symptoms of constipation, indigestion, helps communication for improved nerve function, do not use if you experience fibromyalgia.


protective of the general digestive system and a great liver decongestant