Clove Bud 10ml

Clove Bud 10ml


Description/History – A favorite RHo winter oil because of its amazing scent and capacity to help defend and strengthen the immune system from invaders. A warming oil with abilities to support many key organs and systems of the body. We call oils that have the ability to protect the body from seasonal threats “Defenders” and this is certainly a perfect name for Clove Bud. At the same time a very calming and soothing oil when used with a carrier oil, like fractionated coconut oil, and massaged into sore muscles after a long day. Clove Bud has the highest antioxidant rating of any essential oil by far, which is just another reason we love it and it is included in our immune support blend, Pure Defense.

  • Details

    Key Benefits – digestive support, cleansing, brain function, analgesic, anti-infectious, anti-fungal, circulation, warming.


    Common Uses

    • Apply 1-2 drops diluted with carrier oil over abdomen when experiencing stomach upset.
    • Apply 1 drop diluted over liver area to aid in detoxification abilities.
    • Apply with dilution over sore muscles to calm and warm the body.
    • Apply to the bottom of feet during seasonal changes to promote proper immune function.


    Country of Origin – Indonesia


    Latin Name – Syzygium aromaticum


    Complementary Oils – Bergamot, roman chamomile, clary sage, geranium, ginger, grapefruit, jasmine, lavender, lemon, mandarin, palmarosa, rose, sandalwood, ylang ylang


    Main Constituents – Eugenol, Eugenyl acetate, beta-Caryophyllene


    Cautions – Always dilute because of skin sensitivity and irritation. This is considered a hot oil and should not be used with small children.

    3rd Party Tested 100% PURE