Lavender 10ml

Lavender 10ml


Description and History – There are so many benefits to 100% pure Lavender essential oil! This is why Lavender is the most popular essential oil sold worldwide. Our Lavender comes from the flower tops of Lavandula angustifolia plant, grown near the Balkan Mountains in Bulgaria. This amazing climate helps to create a deep and soothing aroma.

  • Details

    Key Benefits – Calming to the mind and body, stress relieving, wound repair, sleep aid


    Common Uses

    • Apply 2-3 drops to neck and shoulders to calm the mind and body.
    • Apply topically to help soothe and/or improve skin irritations.
    • Apply to neck and shoulders to help with minor headaches.


    Diffuse before bed to help relieve anxious feelings to support a more restful sleep.


    Country of Origin -France


    Latin Name – Lavandula angustifolia


    Complementary Oils – Black Pepper, Cedarwood, Citrus Oils, Clary Sage, Roman Chamomile, Clove, Cypress, Eucalyptus Radiata, Geranium, Juniper Berry, Patchouli, Peppermint, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Thyme and Vetiver


    Main Constituents – Linalyl acetate, linalool, lavandulyl acetate


    Cautions – Dilute before use. May irritate eyes and skin. If pregnant, nursing, experience seizures, epilepsy, or taking medications consult with your health practitioner before use. Product not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary. This product is not meant to diagnose, prevent or cure any disease.

    3rd Party Tested 100% PURE