Pure Happy (Good Day Blend)

Pure Happy (Good Day Blend)



A smooth energizing and sweet citrusy scent, Pure Happy is meant to help cleanse the mind and uplift the heart. It has a light, clean aroma to help when you may be experiencing a mental funk. Hence it is called the Good Day Blend.


Key Benefits - Brighten mood, immune support, lymphatic stimulant, air purifier and refreshing.


Common Uses - Diffuse to purify air, improve mood and enhance focus

- Apply to bottom of wrists for a light sweet perfume

- Massage into feet to support immune and lymphatic function


Ingredients - Lemon, Lime, Peppermint and Balsam of Peru


Cautions - Photosensitivity, Avoid UV rays for 12 hours after applying topically and possible skin sensitivity apply with carrier oil.