Pure Mobility Rub 1000mg (Joint/Muscle Soreness Blend

Pure Mobility Rub 1000mg (Joint/Muscle Soreness Blend

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We combined our muscle soreness pure essential oil blend, Pure Mobility, with 1,000mg of water-soluble hemp extract for immediate and long lasting relief! This is 100% all-natural! Powerful relief for those days when muscle aches are real! Apply for general muscle, joint or body soreness. Shake well and rub in for immediate all-natural relief without any oily or lotion like residue.  Safer for individuals who may be taking blood thinners

  • Details

    • Works fast to calm unwanted discomfort from daily activities.
    • Goes on smooth and leaves no greasy or sticky residue on your skin once rubbed in.
    • Nano-sized and water soluble to allow immediate absorption and faster-acting relief.
    • THC-Free and terpene boosted with some of the most powerful terpenes for greater muscle calming and true relief.
    • Contains 100% pure Restore Hope Essential Oils (Copaiba, Lavender, Spearmint, Basil and Helichrysum) for an amazing scent and faster, longer relief!
    • Contains pure aloe and hyaluronic acid for all-natural moisturization.
    • Pure Mobility Rub has the capacity to influence both CB1 and CB2 receptors for more balanced relief.
    • Menthol free, safer for those with menthol (salicylate) intolerance.


    Benefits of the essential oils in Pure Mobility Rub:

    • Copaiba – warms and calms sore muscles and joints, analgesic
    • Lavender – supports proper blood flow and helps relieve stressed minds and muscles
    • Spearmint – calming for nerves and refreshing for the mind
    • Basil (methyl chavicol) – nervine, aids possible inflammation and clarifying for the mind
    • Helichrysum – calming on physical and emotional trauma/injury, restorative and analgesic